Harm Reduction Victoria


Harm Reduction Victoria is proud to announce that we will be extending our workshop and training calendar in the up coming year.

Workshops & Training currently available for current substance users are:

Drug Overdose Prevention Education (D.O.P.E)

The primary aim of DOPE is to reduce the incidence of both fatal and non-fatal overdose among current heroin, ATS and poly drug users in Victoria. We do this by designing and delivering peer education workshops to groups of up to ten current users at a time.

Developed by experienced peer education staff at Harm Reduction Victoria and road tested by numerous groups of people who use drugs over many years, HRVic’s evidence-based overdose workshop is designed to inform people who use drugs about all aspects of overdose, from the nuts and bolts of reducing the risk of overdose, to recognising the warning signs of overdose, through to hands on overdose response training.
Available in a range of formats – from a full 3 hour program to shorter versions – the comprehensive workshop is equally relevant for opioid as well as amphetamine users.

Safer Using & Vein Care

A hands on presentation & workshop covering a range of topics falling under the ‘Safer Using’ banner.

  • The Filtering & Safer Using workshop covers:
  • Intro to Circulatory System
  • Filters- What type and What for?
  • All Aspects of How to Inject Safely & Safer drug use
  • Intro to Blood Borne Virus

Approximate delivery time: 2 hours

Blood Borne Viruses

An introduction to the hepatitis family (A,B & C)  and HIV.

Approximate delivery time: 1-3 hours

Hepatitis C Specific Workshop

A more comprehensive look into Hepatitis C- from transmission and prevention to testing, treatment and stigma & discrimination.

All of your questions answered about the viral infection that effects more than 230,000 Australians today.

Approximate delivery time: 1-3 hours

Vein Care

Workshops & Training currently available for service providers and AOD workers, prison staff, health workers,  job network staff and anyone else who works with people who use drugs:

Please call 03-9329 1500 for a full description and complete list of our workshops.



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