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The fine art of filtering.


wheel filters

Pills were manufactured to be swallowed, and any unintended use, like injection, carries risks. However, using a wheel filter can reduce these risks significantly. If you’re going to inject, the following guide is our recommended method for using wheel filters.

Read More – Filtering licit and illicit drugs for injecting by Sarah Lord – Harm Reduction Victoria (formally known as VivAIDS)



How to use a wheel filter

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Sterifilts Filtering for injecting

The sterifilt is a purpose made single-use filter for illicit drugs. The polypropelene membrane filters particles, but retains virtually no drug. The sterifilt has a polypropylene membrane that filters much more effectively than makeshift filters (such as cigarette filters) and is much less likely to be shared because it:

  • retains far less drug than a makeshift filter
  • loses its strength when wet, so will break if multiple use is attempted
  • works with both crushed tablets, and powdered drugs.

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Harm Reduction Victoria sells Sterifilts for a cost of 30 cents each.

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