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Specialist Pharmacotherapy Services

Specialist Pharmacotherapy Services

Of course, no system can be perfect, and not everybody are adequately served by Victoria’s community model. Those with complex psychological issues, for instance, often require more support than busy community doctors and pharmacists can offer.

Hence, the Victorian government has funded five Specialist Pharmacotherapy Services (SPSs) with the specific purpose of accommodating ‘complex’ clients. However only one of these five services currently provides both prescribing and dispensing services to its’ client group, meaning that in most cases dosing still needs to take place in community pharmacies.


The five SPSs in Victoria are listed below:

– Daswest (Prescribing/very limited dispensing)
– South City Clinic (prescribing)
– Austin Hospital (prescribing and dispensing)
– Eastern Health Primary Care, Alcohol & Drug Service (prescribing)
– Turning Point Alcohol & Drug Centre (prescribing)​