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Other Models of Service Delivery

Other Models of Pharmacotherapy Service Delivery in Australia​


In other Australian states and territories, there are a variety of methods of pharmacotherapy service delivery, including:

  • dedicated, government-funded clinics for prescribing and dispensing
  • private clinics that both prescribe and dispense
  • community pharmacies and GP prescribers

​Most states and territories have a combination of government funded clinics and community based pharmacies and GP prescribers.

New South Wales is the only state to have a number of private clinics. Although they are readily accessible, these clinics charge much higher fees for dispensing (between $100 and $140 a fortnight) and hence were designed for those in full-time employment. Unsurprisingly, the government clinics – often with as many as three hundred daily attendees and no fees usually charged for dispensing can tend to operate beyond capacity with lengthy waiting lists: an almost inevitable problem with this mode of provision.