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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOpiate pharmacotherapy plays a huge and vital role in the management of drug-related harms in Victoria. It significantly reduces crime and the transmission of infectious diseases, and helps thousands of illicit users re-establish themselves in the social, economic and cultural life of the community.

But PAMS recognises that the role of doctors and pharmacists can be challenging, with community providers servicing the overwhelming majority of pharmacotherapy clients.

If difficulties occur – poor client behaviour, conflict, chronic non-payment of fees etc. – PAMS can help.

Our service offers information, support, advocacy, referral and dispute-mediation – with the overall aim of ensuring continuity of treatment and the maintenance of a respectful, functional and therapeutic relationship between service provider and client.

We believe that early intervention is always easier than crisis management.

​PAMS works by helping clients feel genuinely understood and valued. We find that most problems are more easily solved when clients are respected and their individual experience is taken seriously. Good outcomes, however, are only possible when the service provider is treated with an equal respect.

PAMS always aims for win-win outcomes. When both parties are satisfied, the system works smoothly, and the benefits of pharmacotherapy can flow through to the community.

Should you wish to promote the PAMS service to your pharmacotherapy clients, we have client-cards, posters and flyers which can be ordered by completing this form and emailing PAMS
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