Harm Reduction Victoria

On Treatment

Information Requests:

PAMS has access to the latest pharmacotherapy information. Common subjects of inquiry include:

Take-away Methadone Bottles

  • take-away doses
  • travel
  • drug side-effects and pharmacology
  • government policies & guidelines

PAMS can also access research articles and send them to you by post or email.


Support and Debriefing

You are the expert on what is best for you – but often issues can be resolved just by talking them through with someone who understands.


Prescriptions can seem to expire in the blink of an eye. Pharmacists can be very strict on this, and clients who have forgotten to renew their prescription often find themselves in an unexpected quandary – particularly if a weekend is looming, or their prescribing GP is otherwise not immediately available.

Financial Assistance

Money is always tight. PAMS can help negotiate a payment plan with your pharmacist or, in some cases, if a small amount is needed to maintain dosing, we may be able to arrange one-off financial assistance.

Permanent or Temporary Transfers

Transfers are possible within Victoria, interstate or even internationally. Whether you are travelling or making a permanent move, PAMS can help arrange access to service providers.

Program Termination

If your doctor or pharmacist will no longer provide pharmacotherapy services, PAMS can discuss it with you and usually locate alternatives.

Complaints and Grievances

If you feel you have been treated wrongly or unfairly by a pharmacotherapy provider, PAMS can help you decide how best to manage your complaint. Options include making a formal complaint to an appropriate body, or dealing with the issue informally.

By reporting such instances, you are helping PAMS provide a better service, and benefiting the pharmacotherapy consumer community as a whole.