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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHow PAMS Can Assist Current Pharmacotherapy Consumers

​PAMS is a state-wide telephone service, funded to deal with ANY pharmacotherapy consumer related issue &/or problem. So, if you are on a pharmacotherapy program in Victoria and you have a problem you are unable to resolve on your own, or perhaps you simply want to ‘run something by us’ before you deal with it yourself – please give us a call:  Ph: 1800 443 844, Monday to Friday, 10am-6pm


Most importantly, PAMS is a confidential servicewe will not discuss anything you have told us, with any service provider or with any other party without your consent.

Some of the things that we commonly deal with at PAMS include requests for any of the following:

  • Information – including pharmacotherapy resources (we can also access up to date research articles and send these out to you either by post or email). Common information requests include any of the following:
    • Take-away doses
    • Policies/guidelines
    • Drug pharmacology
    • Side effects of Pharmacotherapy Drugs
    • Travel
  • Support and debriefing – Often it can be helpful to have access to ‘someone who understands’ just to talk problems through, you are the expert on what is best for you but in some cases it can be hard to work out how to resolve a problem alone.
  • Prescriptions – Your prescription has expired, the pharmacy will not dose you & your prescriber is un-expectantly not available or you do not believe your pharmacist is dosing you according to the script. PAMS can sometimes manage to resolve these situations on your behalf.
  • Financial Assistance – In some cases you may find yourself in severe financial hardship and you need a small amount of money to continue to get dosed until you next get paid, PAMS may be able to help with ‘one-off’ financial assistance or we may be able to negotiate credit or a long term payment plan if you have a debt.
  • Travelling or Moving – If you are travelling within Victoria, interstate or overseas? You need to be organised and PAMS can help. It is possible to transfer you to a different provider within Victoria, interstate or even internationally. Whether you are travelling or making a permanent move, PAMS can help make sure you do not have to miss any doses.
  • Need a New GP or Pharmacy – If you have been told that your pharmacotherapy service provider (GP or pharmacy) will no longer provide you with prescribing and/or dispensing services, PAMS can discuss the problem with you and usually locate alternative providers on your behalf. We are very careful to try and match you up with a GP or pharmacy that can best suit your needs.
  • Complaints and Grievances – If you feel you have been treated wrongly or unfairly by a pharmacotherapy provider, PAMS can help you decide how best to manage your complaint. Options include making a formal complaint to an appropriate body, or dealing with the issue informally.  Please note, reporting these concerns to PAMS, you are helping us advocate for a better service, and benefiting the pharmacotherapy consumer community as a whole.

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