Harm Reduction Victoria


PAMS  Background


Since its beginnings in 2000, PAMS has evolved on a number of fronts. The service was originally established to help express consumer-related complaints and grievances, but has moved on to the negotiation and solving of these issues. This development was driven by service users, most of who are less interested in making a complaint than having their problem actually solved, usually within a short space of time.
Other developments since the service first began include:

  •  the number of cases dealt with by PAMS has increased annually
  • the name of the service has changed from MACS (Methadone Advocacy and Complaints Service) to PAMS
  • the method of data collection and analysis has been computerised
  • the service has become more widely known across the drug treatment sector
  • the service has become increasingly professional.

From small beginnings, PAMS has grown into a established service that plays a vital role within the Victorian opiate pharmacotherapy system.