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HRV News Feed: August – October 2013

by loki on 30/10/2013


The REGEN Methamphetamines Personal Education Program

METHThe Methamphetamines Personal Education Program is a FREE 3 hour education program designed for people who have been placed on a diversion program or for people concerned about their methamphetamine use. The program incorporates the use of a range of strategies designed to engage participants, and provides an opportunity for participants to reflect on the impact of Methamphetamine use on their lives and those people around them. Furthermore, participants are supported to develop strategies associated with various stages of behaviour change, including harm reduction, planning for change, getting through withdrawal and relapse prevention. The first session of this program will be delivered on the 24th of October and we are keen to start enrolling participants.

If Breaking Bad was a Video Game..


!! Attention Melbourne Heroin Users !!

Western Suburbs Alert

tainted heroinThere seems to have been multiple cases over the last month in the western suburbs of Melbourne (Footscray etc.) of heroin being sold that has been cut with some amphetamine like substance, & for opiate users that don’t use uppers this can be a very unpleasant feeling. There does seem to be some heroin in there; but be aware. It is white looking gear in rock form & mixes up relatively easily- from whitey coloured to clear. Some people seem to like it if they are amphetamine users as well.  We suggest that you have a regular dealer that you ask them if the gear is different, & if it is maybe have a taste test if you are not tolerant to uppers.


Unsung policy issue: should ‘illicit’ drugs be legal?

medical marijuanaIt’s good enough for some US states, New Zealand, Uruguay, Switzerland, Spain and the Netherlands. So why not in Australia?  All these jurisdictions have recently changed their laws — or are formally considering doing so — on illicit drugs. They are legalising marijuana for personal or medical use, or changing the regulation of psychoactive substances.

Not here.

In this election campaign there has been a tripartisan silence on whether illicit drugs should be legalised, or managed differently. But is the current system really working so well it cannot be improved?

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The  History of  HRV (Formerly VIVAIDS) via Whack! Magazine : The Online Library

whack11After numerous request from people looking to get their hands on recent (& older) editions of  Whack, we shall now re-post the Online Library which has 40+ flip- book magazines documenting the  history of HRV which you can read online – anytime!
 There are many hrs of reliving our tumultuous existance throughout the last 25 years to be had in this area of the site. Lately we have received lots of of correspondence from people saying that they have spent many hrs glued to the screen reliving certain periods in our existance when they were involved.
& you can too!

Drug Policies of Australian Federal Political Parties Contesting the 2013 Election

Politics and drugs: what each party believes.

This Reddit AusPol document was put together by a dedicated HRV member & is very comprehensive. This is one doc definitely worth checking out. Thanks to the ‘limb of kings‘ for this one. Read ‘Reddit’ Article Here.

Of Substance – Politics and drugs: what each party believes. 

To help you make an informed choice about who should form government, Of Substance invited political parties seeking seats in the House of Representatives to contribute statements on their policy positions on alcohol and other drugs (AOD). While some declined or weren’t registered at the time of our request, we are pleased to present you with statements from the Major Parties.

Read ‘Of Substance’ Article here.


The Coolest New Superhero Kickin’ Ass On Da Block!

Naloxone Ninja Kickin'Ass

This photo was taken at Internation Overdose Awareness Day held at NRCH (see article below) where the super charged Naloxone Ninja made a guest appearance! We at HRV look forward to a future where each and every opiate user in Victoria will not have to worry about overdose due to easy access to naloxone. Read more about naloxone here:

Naloxone: Why are victorians still waiting?

Briefing for drug users on naloxone


The International Overdose Awareness Day Event

od day
The Internation Overdose Awareness Day held at North Richmond Community centre on August the 30th was a roaring success by all accounts. There was even a apperance from the Naloxone Ninja who just looked fantastic!
We have assembled a selection of images which were taken at the event.
Here are a small selection of thumbnails but you can view the lot here on the International Overdose Awareness Day page.

Huge & Sincere Thank-you’s to everybody behind the scenes who helped set up this event & volunteered their time, energy & enthusiasm. 
Many Thanks Again !
The Naloxone Ninja!Jenny Speaks at Overdose Awareness eventHRV Badges
HRV Balloon 2Badges On WhackNadz at HRV Stall

The NEW HRV Naloxone Posters!

naloxone What is Naloxone?

(Click on each poster for full size prinatable version)

We encourage all of you to share these resources amongst any of your forums, groups, peers etc. as we hope to reach as many people as possible with the messages behind these posters. Naloxone is an issue that is very close to our hearts at the moment & we would really appreciate your help in helping us spread the word!  For more information on HRV & naloxone:

Naloxone: Why are victorians still waiting?

Briefing for drug users on naloxone

Naloxone postion statement


Whack Issue 30 : Emerging Trends Vol. 1

Whack 30 cover

 Whack Magazine 30 is Now Online!

We are very happy to announce that Whack 30 is being sent out today! (14/08/2013)  For those of you who want to get an early taste, here is the online version where every page is in full colour!!

I personally recommend checking the online version out.

Loki /Whack Editor.

Attention Whack Readers
It has come to our attention that the latest Whack magazine has the incorrect hours for the Melbourne night time mobile services. (pg.48) The correct hours for the following services are as follows:

CHOPER – every night of the year 7.30 – 11.30

Frankston/ Dandenong – Mon – Fri 5pm – 9am & Weekends – Fri 5pm thru to Mon 9am (Except public holidays)

The online Whack has the correct details but the magazines have already been printed. My most sincere apologies for this mistake.
Loki_ Ed/ Whack.


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