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Something of a News Flash

by The Golden Phaeton on 28/03/2016

In case you catch this post in time, some of us at Harm Reduction Victoria will be appearing on ABC television news today: specifically our President Bill O’Loughin and my enigmatic carer Sam Sejavka, who is presenting as a living, breathing example of a long term Hep C sufferer facing a possible end to his 30+ years of liver infection.

The subject, of course, is the range of new treatments – their incredible efficacy, and the mind-boggling sums our government is forking out in order to make them available. We’ll be talking about government and private agencies who, after a shaky start, are beginning to streamline provision of the medications. And, inevitably, we’ll be discussing that hoary old chestnut called stigma, and how it may be standing in the way of people accessing services.

As is the way with such things, the segment will probably be edited down to the bone – but we’re told it will appear throughout the day, on the ABC’s morning, lunchtime and evening television news bulletins. The actual TV segment can be watched on iview, for a while anyway.

Audio (on ABC’s AM program)

Text (ABC’s online news)

The actual TV segment can be watched on iview, for a while anyway, on ABC News (VIC) for March 28


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