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World Hepatitis Week 2016

by Seer E.S. on 28/07/2016

Harm Reduction Victoria takes any chance it can to celebrate “World Days”- especially when they celebrate the sharing of information and knowledge about new things for our community!
World Hepatitis Day and in fact whole week of events, all celebrate the arrival and availability of the new Hep C treatments. It is not every day that one can say that they lived in a time to watch the eradication or near elimination of an epidemic now is it?! Well we may very well be the ones who can say that we have witnessed and in most cases been part of such a history making event!

Over the next few days and week HRVic will be taking part in numerous activities- both on our own and in partnership with other organisations that are all working hard around the clock to get our messages heard by the people who need to hear them most.
Here are some of them:

And to help spread the message about the new Hep C treatments, we thought we’d enlist the help from our community, as it is US who are affected by Hep C the most. We thought it only fair to pay our helpful message sharers by making it a friendly competition. The person with the most entries and shares /referrals to friends will win $100 big ones. See the link for competition details.

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