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WhoTube? …HRVic YOUTube.

by Seer E.S. on 23/08/2016


Yup. You heard right. (Read right..?)

Harm Reduction Victoria is proud to announce that we have finally entered the 21st century. The age of technorance. The world wide interwebs.

Video styles.

Bare with us as we get our videos made and uploaded. If you want to see anything in particular LET US KNOW. Afterall we(you,me,everyone) are OUR organisation. We do and make things for OUR community. We share OUR knowledge with EACHOTHER. We are you are us are eachother.

Check it.

Our first video uploaded to our brand spankin channel is Craig Harvey’s ‘How To Open- Naloxone Ampoules’.

Due to the unfortunate fact that the easy to use naloxone mini jets will not be manufactured or available on PBS anymore, we are left with the sometimes fiddly Naloxone ampoules. Craig’s video is a simple, straight forward, easy to understand and follow instruction video that makes dealing with the little glass vials a little less daunting in an emergency situation. A must see for all ampoule newbies.


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