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by loki on 07/09/2015

WHACK! logoGreetings,

This is a call out to any people interested in contributing to the next issue of Whack! – Whether you are writers, artists, nurses, poets, illustrators, painters, designers, researchers, AOD workers, photographers etc

JEANNIEThe theme that we are focusing on in this issue is the changing landscape of Hep c, but contributions that don’t focus exclusively on the subject won’t be dismissed. If it’s a good contribution, we will definitely check it out. We need all sorts of articles to make up a great edition, & want to create a magazine that speaks to all types of people & for many different reasons.

Hep c is a very broad subject and one that is generating a lot of attention at the moment, especially concerning treatment as there are many trials happening in Australia currently. The drugs which are being trialled currently are returning extremely promising results – some with success rates of up to 98%, and have minimal side effects associated with them.  I have a strong personal interest in the newer HCV treatments, especially the ones which are combatting some of the previously hard to treat forms of the virus such as genotype 1.

The management, care and treatment of hepatitis C (HCV) has come a long way since it was identified in 1989. We want to create a multifaceted magazine, which reflect many diverse view-points to represent the journeys taken by many throughout these years, and represent these throughout the magazine.


I would be honoured if you would step up and tell us your story in order to continue our fight for cheaper and more accessible HCV medications for the many in our community who suffer from this virus.

The final date for contributing is the 30th September 2015: 22 days to go.. We can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

Communications Officer & Editor Whack! Magazine
Harm Reduction Victoria.

Contact :  loki@hrvic.org.au

Images displayed above were created by Spotted From Space (boy in a bottle) and JAMZ  (Orgy of Opulence).  These images can be found deep in the bohemoth that was the monster IAC double issue of  Whack! magazine.

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