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Rainbow Serpent Festival

by loki on 08/02/2016


The Rainbow Serpent Festival is a large electronic music, art and lifestyle festival, located in Victoria, Australia. The festival is mainly known for Psychedelic trance and Minimal Techno music, but also features other genres of electronic music and non electronic music in the smaller stages. The festival also has many art installations, workshops and other attractions. Recent years have seen the festival expand from a purely music-driven event, to one that places an emphasis on sustainability, well-being, performance and art. Here are some photos from the DanceWize point of veiw at the most recent Rainbow Serpent Festival – 2016.






20160122_201422 20160122_162314

20160122_203934 20160122_204859 20160122_204909 20160123_001050

We would really love to see more photos from DanceWize of the festival. If anyone connected to DanceWize that attended the festival has any photos they would like to share to this page, please email them to loki@hrvic.org.au. or PM here. We are on the lookout for some new photos and would love to see them & expand our photo gallery! Thanks!






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