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North Richmond Safer Injecting Facilities

by loki on 20/05/2013


The Centre for Research Excellence into Injecting Drug Use, based at Burnet Institute, last year approved funding for further research to be conducted in 2012 into the feasibility and need for a supervised injecting facility in North Richmond.

Harm Reduction Victoria is one of the three community based organisations that make up CREIDU alongside ANEX & Hepatitis Victoria.

This research will be conducted in consultation with the Yarra Drug and Health Forum (YDHF), who commissioned Burnet’s first feasibility study. Greg Denham, the Executive Officer for YDHF, says that from his experience working in the North Richmond area, most of the community supports the introduction of an injecting facility.

“I have spoken to numerous people living and working in the North Richmond area and have not met one person opposed to the idea.

“The majority of people in the community want to try something that reduces the visible impact of injecting drug use, and I believe that the evidence in Sydney shows that an injecting facility will help.

“We anticipate that such a facility will reduce visible public injecting and ‘nuisance’ type behaviour and improve significantly the public amenity. No one wants to see people shooting up and needles and syringes left in parks and streets,” he said.

The project will take up to four months with researchers collecting and analysing data from organisations such as ambulance services, primary health care facilities, local government and contractors and drug and alcohol treatment agencies.

Taken from the Burnet Institute Website.

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