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NEW Changes to how GPs Prescribe the new Hep C treatments! Even EASIER!!

by Seer E.S. on 04/11/2016

PBAC has amended the prescribing provision of hepatitis C treatments to enable experienced medical practitioners to initiate treatment in patients with chronic hepatitis C independently.

This means a small number of community based clinicians: GP, sexual health physicians and drug and alcohol and addiction medicine service providers who have done training or developed experience in this area to initiate treatment without having to consult a third party.

What does that mean??

It means NO WAITING on a specialist to approve your treatment! It means your GP (if trained and experienced in prescribing Hep C treatments, can just straight up PRESCRIBE your meds for you!!

This is a welcome change to the arrangements put in place in March 01 2016 allowing all medical practitioners to initiate therapy listed on the S85 General Schedule in remote consultation with a liver specialist (ie. an infectious diseases physician, hepatologist or gastroenterologist) experienced in hepatitis C treatment.

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