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annual report 2015

 Harm Reduction Victoria Annual Report 2014-15

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!Attn All DanceWize Volunteers!

To everyone that wishes to volunteer in the coming months, thankyou for your support and enthusiasm,. We currently have a great team and there are no volunteer vacancies left.  DanceWize wont again be be recruiting for volunteers until June.



HRV critique of National Ice Action Plan in the Guardian!

Check out HRV President Bill O’Loughlin’s article in the Guardian (7.12.2015) entitled ‘The National Ice Action plan is a setback to all that has been achieved in Drug Policy”. Bill’s critique provoked some serious discussions about the new plan, with comments about the article being furiously posted all day. This onslaught of discussion caused the piece to be on the front page of the Guardian website for most of the afternoon.

So, is the new report going to provide us with a better response to ice? On the surface it appears comprehensive. It is lengthy and detailed, and the publicity accompanying its release has focused on the failure of the policing response and the undeniable need for increased treatment services and options.

However, close reading of the plan raises serious concerns. Disappointingly, it reflects a return to an old and failed response to drugs. It exclusively focuses on strategies for preventing people from beginning to use ice and getting users to stop by providing increased and easier access to treatment. It is the old mantra: “Don’t take drugs and, if you do, then stop.”

It ignores and conflicts with long standing drug policy held by Australia, many other countries, and by the World Health Organisation. There are three components to existing Australian drug policy – supply reduction, demand reduction and harm reduction.

Read the full piece here and we have also added it as a post here.

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What is ‘drug checking’ and why do we need it in Australia?


“Previously called “pill testing”, “drug checking” gives a consumer the opportunity to know what is in their product prior to consuming it. It also allows alcohol and drug researchers to access what is largely an invisible cohort of functional consumers.

Its origins lie in the European dance music scene, with the emergence of counterfeit and contaminated pills. Consumers often feared something in the products they were consuming could be dangerous to them. But with no regulation, there was no way to find out.”

By Dr David Caldicott, a member of Harm Reduction Australia.

Full article here at “The Conversation.”



Given that the sharing of injecting equipment is STILL the cause of up to 10% of the world’s new HIV infections, HRVic’s Health Promotion Team have launched this new poster for 2015 World AIDS Day.

The Health Promotion Team – Jane, Nadia and Sam – will be at North Richmond Community Health centre today from 11:30-1pm giving out posters, badges and good advice at their FREE community BBQ . Come on down for some yum food, and good conversation.



If we want to stop drug-related deaths at festivals, we need a new strategy

Policing, often involving sniffer dogs, needs to be contained. The use of sniffer dogs might lead to body searches. This can include strip searching and making naked young women and men squat over mirrors. Data last year in NSW showed that 10,000 innocent people were subjected to police searches because sniffer dogs incorrectly indicated they were carrying drugs and that the rates of naked searches had increased by 32% over the previous five years.

Read  full article in “The Guardian” by HRV’s president, Bill O’Loughlin.



Awesome interview with  Whack contributor Shane Levene at  – Disinfo.com.  Memories Of A Heroin Head: “Heroin Has Given Me More Life Than It Has Taken Away”


HRV 2015 AGM

The Harm Reduction Victoria AGM is right around the corner! Held again this year at the Melbourne Multicultural Hub, conveniently located at 506 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne and starting at 4pm on Wednesday 25th November, we hope that all interested members and friends will be able to attend. Read More



Hard at work preparing for the AGM. Thanks to all the volunteers who have been helping out!



“Prohibition is a historical wrong… Stop the harm.”

Read Sass’s Awesome New Posts straight from the recent IHRC


Richard Branson Leaked a UNODC Document Calling for Drug Decriminalization

The United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) was engulfed in controversy on Monday after it attempted to distance itself from an official document advocating decriminalization of narcotics that was written by its own staff.  The text, authored by Dr. Monica Beg, head of UNODC’s HIV/AIDS office at its headquarters in Vienna, was expected to be unveiled on Sunday, coinciding with the convening of the 24th International Harm Reduction Conference in Kuala Lumpur, which she is attending.

The paper was never released, however.  On Monday, Virgin CEO and drug policy reform advocate Richard Branson leaked the text on his personal blog while applauding it as “a refreshing shift that could go a long way to finally end the needless criminalization of millions of drug users around the world.”

See UNODC Doc on Richards Blog Here & the aftermath Here


New recommendations for treating hepatitis C in people who inject drugs


Treatment for hepatitis C among people who use drugs is feasible and cost-effective and hepatitis C screening, linkage to care and treatment need to be scaled up, according to new recommendations for the management of hepatitis C released by the International Network on Hepatitis Care in Substance Users (INHSU).

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Introducing DanceWize’s New Resource Library!


Its all here. 🙂


Membership Competition Winners!


Congratulations to our Membership Competition Winners Stephen and Jessie-Rose! Having never won any competitions in the past, winning Ipads is a great way to start! And Massive Thanks to EVERYBODY that entered, you are all awesome!


DanceWize_BannerDanceWize attended Listen Out, an outdoor event on Saturday 26 September 2015, promoted by Fuzzy at Catani Gardens, St Kilda. The sold out event attracted 10,000 attendees. International artists performed on two main stages, but the event also had several other promotional activities to keep the crowd entertained. Colbrow Medics provided Listen Out’s contracted First Aid services, whilst  Ambulance Victoria was also onsite to provide prehospital emergency care and hospital transport capabilities; and DanceWize provided welfare services.  attendees were open to DanceWize’s harm reduction messages and we were pleased to have had the opportunity to be there for our peers.

Interested in Volunteering for future events? 


!Warning! 2 Deaths From High Purity Heroin in Richmond.

North Richmond Health Centre (NRCH) have had two recent deaths of clients that access the NSP in the past week. Clients have also stated that poly drug use (benzodiazepines) may have been attributed.We have had consistent, frequent and reputable sources inform us that there is an increase in heroin purity. Please pass onto your friends & networks. . & keep some Naloxone handy , You never know when you may find yourself in an emergency.


janes Naloxone noNALOXONE UPDATE 08: 01.10.2015

I arrived at work the other day (last Thursday) and opened up my inbox to check my email. As I scrolled down the list deleting all the unwanted ones, I noticed a common thread appearing in one of the many e-lists I subscribe to. The subject line said ‘Naloxone rescheduled to over the counter!’ The same subject line kept popping up again and again so I opened up the emails and was thrilled to discover that it was actually true! Finally there is an option for people to simply walk into a chemist and buy mini jets of naloxone without a prescription from the doctor. Woo hoo! About #*cking time, I say!

Full update here


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