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HRV News Feed October – December 2014

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 Harm Reduction Victoria

             Annual Report

              *2013 – 2014*

Covering all areas of our programes including: About HRV, Our Priority  Communities & Guiding Principles, Our Board, Staff, President’s Report, P.A.M.S Program, Naloxone, Drug Overdose and  Peer Education (DOPE) , Dance-Wize, Communications, Health  Promotion Projects, & of course, the Financials.  View it here.



Harm Reduction Victoria’s 2014 Annual General Meeting will be held at 4 – 6 pm on Tuesday 2.12.2014 at the Multicultural Hub, 506 Elizabeth Street Melbourne (Near the corners of Victoria And Elizabeth Street). We look forward to seeing you there.


Phil Motherwell

HRV mourns the actor, playwright & dedicated family man Phil Motherwell, a lifelong friend to the organisation, who passed away last weekend aged 67. This came as a terrible shock to those who knew this multi-talented man, & he will be dearly missed.

Born in 1946, Motherwell was a key presence at the ground-breaking 1970’s collective the Australian Performing Group (APG) and their Carlton venue The Pram Factory, as both an actor and writer. Some of his most popular plays included such works as Dreamers of the AbsoluteThe Native RoseFitzroy Yank and Steal Away Home, the latter based on the life of his friend and colleague, Jack Charles.

Phil is survived by Jenny, his partner of over 30 years, and their many children and grandchildren.

Barry Dickens article ‘Vale actor and playwright Phil Motherwell, an inimitable dramatic poet’

Performing Arts Hub article “Vale Phil Motherwell’ by Richard Watts


Dancewize on the Triple JJJs Hack.

dancewize on the radio logoOur very own Dan from Dancewize was a live guest on Triple JJJ’s  Hack programme on Monday 10.11.2014.  The Hack programme focused on pill testing kits as a harm reduction measure following the recent unfortunate death of 19-year-old  Georgina Bartter, who collapsed at a Sydney dance music party after a suspected adverse reaction to the ‘ecstacy‘ she took. Alongside Dan, other guests included Dr David Caldicott & NSW Drug Squad Commander Tony Cook.

Listen to the Hack podcast.

Other Media Articles Relating to the Pill testing Issue

*  Six reasons Australia should pilot pill testing party drugs  *  Georgina Bartter didn’t have to die: How to prevent drug related deaths  *


USA IDU fist

Formed to fight for “nothing about us without us” and promote health, drug user unions foster solidarity and some schisms.  Read More Here.

——————————————————————————————————————TAINTED HEROIN

Richmond Vic 23.10.2014

There are reports of heroin being sold in the Richmond area that contains Arsenic. 5 people (that are currently known about) ended up in the Emergency Department yesterday displaying the same symptoms. When a toxicology screening was done on one of the affected, the results showed high leves of arsenic. Symptoms include a full body rash, vomiting, migraines, & extreme sweating. If you – or anyone you know or use with – comes down with these symptoms go to the nearest Emergency Department ASAP. Wherever possible, we encourage people to get their gear from people who they know and trust.

——————————————————————————————————————Save my methadone takeaways

We Need YOU!! to help us draw attention to this extremely important issue! Many methadone consumers aren’t even aware that takeaway doses are under review in Victoria at the moment. This has the ability to seriously inhibit quality of life & freedom for so many people. Please take a minute to spread widely through your networks. Please sign & have your say, it only takes a few clicks of a mouse..

savemymethadonetakeaways.org.au.  Sign the change.org petition here


Subculture magazine logo

Our very own Dancewize crew have been featured recently in the online magazine Subculture for all the hard work they do within the vibrant EDM community. Penned by Nick Morris, the article covers the many reasons why Dancewize have become a invaluable fixture within the scene. “This community response is solidified through the DanceWize_Banneractions of DanceWize, a program from Harm Reduction Victoria. DanceWize is a peer-driven group whose goal is to make sure that our community is cared for and receives the credible and accurate information on how to minimise drug-related risks at our festivals. Often working alongside a festival’s medical provider, the DanceWize staff is a multi-disciplinary team with a tailored skillset (including senior first aid training) that enables the team to disseminate information on safer drug use, health and sexual health resources, and provide care for intoxicated attendees who are experiencing distress.

Read the full Dancewize article.  Subculture Magazine.




Lets Put an End to the Ice AgeRead the AIVL & HRV September 12 Media Release


HRV SassClick here to read Sass’ blog


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