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HRV News Feed: May – July 2013

by loki on 19/08/2013

Harm Reduction International Conference 2013

Closing plenary video message from Stephen Lewis, co-founder and co-director of AIDS Free World.

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Why our drug cops need the dealers

Brisbane Times – June 22, 2013


The Great Drug Divide : The differences in the way drug use / drug users are treated amongst social classes within Australia.

 If you really must use illegal drugs but do not want to get into legal trouble, cocaine is probably the drug of choice. In part because it is the drug of choice, after alcohol at least, for the rich and well-connected, including politicians, judges and lawyers, police appear to have virtually decriminalised its use. The annual risk of going before the courts if you are a user is about one in 500.

By contrast, about one in 20 heroin users are in trouble with the law each year, and about one in 60 users of amphetamines or ecstasy seem to get into trouble. One in every 32 of the estimated 1.9 million cannabis users gets into trouble.

Around the nation, about one in every eight Australians is a consumer of illegal drugs, and, of these, and of these, about one in every 35 gets into trouble each year.

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whatever your pleasure

We were just going through the archives & found an amazing poster from the mid 90’s. Thanks for digging this one up Nadia.

Check out all the other resources we have on the site e.g.-posters flyers etc  here.


hrv25thumbAlive & Kicking”: 25 years of reducing drug related harms!

Harm Reduction Victoria (HRV) – formerly VIVAIDS – turned 25 in 2012! But how to celebrate such a milestone event?  We decided to dedicate our 25thAnniversary to our community – the very people who have kept us going for all these years.

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Legal Highs Banned! (for 60 days..)

Legal highs, legal headaches: time for a national approach /Western Australia Today – June 13, 2013

White Revolver, K2, Ash Inferno, Kyote, Kronic, Black Widow, Buddha Express Black Label, Iblaze Tropic Thunder, Galaxy Ultra Nova, Skunk, Circus Deluxe, Vortex Inferno, Herbal Incense, King Karma, Montana Madness, Sharman, Ice Blaze, Slappa, Voodoo, Kaos, Mango Kush, Ivory Wave, Cloud Nine and Vanilla Sky.

These are the names of some substances marketed as offering a ”legal high” to adults and children in NSW. The Herald publishes the list to alert the public.

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New Naloxone Website Launched


A snazzy new website explaining how and why naloxone programs can be established is being launched Tuesday at the International Harm Reduction Conference in Lithuania. visit www.naloxoneinfo.org


copsdrugssmall3,500 Cops Who Want All Drugs To Be Legal

“Just so we’re clear,” began Peter Christ during our first phone conversation, “if you look in Webster’s Dictionary at the word hypocrite, you will see a picture of me. I believed that this drug war was a stupid idea even before I became a cop.” For 20 years Officer Christ patrolled the town of Tonawanda, New York, a community of 80,000 just outside of Buffalo. Retiring from the force in 1989 as a Captain, he founded Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, an organization of 3,500 former officers working towards the legalization of all drugs.

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The Centre for Research Excellence into Injecting Drug Use, based at Burnet Institute, last year approved funding for further research to be conducted in 2012 into the feasibility and need for a supervised injecting facility in North Richmond.

Harm Reduction Victoria is one of the three community based organisations that make up CREIDU alongside ANEX & Hepatitis Victoria.

This research will be conducted in consultation with the Yarra Drug and Health Forum (YDHF), who commissioned Burnet’s first feasibility study. Greg Denham, the Executive Officer for YDHF, says that from his experience working in the North Richmond area,  most of the community supports the introduction of an injecting facility.

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Photo: "Critics of these programs say we're supporting the wrong people and sending the wrong message. Well then, just who are the right people? And what is the right message? I believe the right message is that health services support everyone. I tell critics that, because of our work, drug users might get over being stupid - they'll never get over being dead." Dave Purchase RIP“Critics of these programs say we’re supporting the wrong people and sending the wrong message. Well then, just who are the right people? And what is the right message? I believe the right message is that health services support everyone.”
Dave Purchase

Eyes Wide Open recalls the experiences of people affected by an accidental opioid overdose and the emergency medicine naloxone. Based on true stories from 2 Canadian cities, this short documentary offers a window into the moment between life and death—and highlights the need for expanding overdose prevention.


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This may trigger some memories for some of you out there! We are currently attempting to put together a comprehensive history of HRV and are looking for any old photos/media of the organisation from over the last 25 years. This includes photos of members, old offices, events etc. If anyone can help out please email us – we would really love to hear from you!



Overdose tshirt including QR code that points to a video on the recovery position http://ow.ly/jKWdQ 


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