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DanceWize Volunteer Form

While the DanceWize team is always keen to meet, connect, and network with our peers, we now limit our recruiting and induction period to the Winter season.

If you would like the opportunity to be a fully trained DanceWize team member providing harm reduction education and support at events during the approaching Summer season, please complete our online application form before 30 June each year.

The DanceWize team has grown in recent years, we greatly appreciate the ongoing commitment of our incredible team members, but this does mean we now have to limit the number of new team members we recruit each year.

Please be aware priority may be given to people who already hold a current First Aid certificate.

If you would like further information about the role, the DanceWize program, or if you experience difficulty submitting the application online, please copy-and-paste your answers and email them to the DanceWize Coordinators Steph or Joel at:

Steph@dancewize.org.au    or     Joel@dancewize.org.au


1. Your Name (required)

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4. Please give us a brief description of your electronic dance music (EDM) festival interest and why you want to join DanceWize? (500 character limit)

5. What does harm reduction mean to you? (400 character limit)

6. What does peer education mean to you? (400 character limit)

7. Why do you think peer education is a good way to promote harm reduction messages? (300 character limit)

8. What do you think constitutes a ‘peer’ of people who attend electronic dance music (EDM) festivals, raves and doofs? Are you a peer by this definition? (300 character limit)

9. Why do think there is a need for services like DanceWize? (300 character limit)

10. What do you think of sniffer dogs? Why? (500 character limit)

11. What are your views on GHB? (500 character limit)

12. If you could send any message to the EDM scene what would it be, and why? (300 character limit)

13. How do you feel about having to stay straight to work at a party when all your friends/peers are there to have fun? (300 character limit)

14. Would you be prepared to give up partying at some of the larger events because you are working at the event with DanceWize, (i.e. Summadayze and Stereosonic) as these events may be compulsory? (150 character limit)

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