Harm Reduction Victoria

Mission Statement



Our Vision

A world where all people are treated the same and have the same opportunities regardless of their drug of choice.

Our Mission

Harm Reduction Victoria works to advance the health, dignity and social justice of people who use drugs in Victoria.

Our Role

Harm Reduction Victoria is the drug user organisation for the state of Victoria and a member of the national network of drug user organisations, headed by AIVL.  AIVL is the national peak body representing all state and territory drug user organisations across Australia.

HRV’s Guiding Principles

Community Ownership and Accountability: Harm Reduction Victoria is of and for our community. Through active engagement with our membership and constituent communities, Harm Reduction Victoria aims to identify and serve the needs of drug users in Victoria. We encourage a broad-based sense of ownership and involvement in all aspects of HRV’s operations.

Inclusion:  Harm Reduction Victoria respects and represents all people who use drugs in Victoria, regardless of gender, sexuality, age, disability or ethnic group. We prioritise those at greatest risk of drug related harm and in particular people who inject drugs, due to the risk of blood borne virus transmission.

“Nothing about us without us”: Harm Reduction Victoria asserts the right of people who use drugs to have a voice in decisions which directly affect our lives and to be involved in the response to drug use and associated harms in Victoria including drug related policies and programs. http://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/reports/nothing-about-us-without-us

Human Rights: Harm Reduction Victoria rejects all forms of arbitrary discrimination against people who use drugs. We believe that the stigma associated with drug use undermines human dignity and self-efficacy, and creates barriers to participation in the social, cultural and economic life of the community. We work towards the elimination of these destructive attitudes.

Health Promotion: Harm Reduction Victoria is a health promotion organisation. We are guided by a belief that drug related harm should be treated as a health issue and not a criminal issue.  Our aim is to advance the health and wellbeing of people who use drugs by creating an environment in which individuals are empowered to realise their aspirations, meet their needs and participate fully in society.

Partnerships and Collaboration:  In order to respond more effectively to the needs of people who use drugs, Harm Reduction Victoria is committed to pursuing partnerships and strategic alliances with other community sector organisations built on shared goals and trust.

Excellence: Harm Reduction Victoria strives to be a model employer, to be accountable to our members and constituent communities for all of our actions, and to achieve optimal outcomes at all times.