Harm Reduction Victoria

HRV Board

Robyn Dwyer (Chair) – robdwyer1@bigpond.com

Robyn Dwyer has an extensive background in drugs and public health related research. Her research interests include patterns of social interaction, social and cultural meanings, and lived experiences as shaped by social, cultural, economic and political contexts. Robyn received her PhD from Curtin University in 2009, and has worked at several major research institutes and health centres in Melbourne and Sydney, including the National Drug Research Institute, the Burnet Institute, Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre and the Kirketon Road Centre.

Farshid Zaman– Farshid.zaman@neami.org.au

Farshid currently works as a community rehabilitation and support worker for Neami where he holds the dual diagnosis portfolio.  Farshid’s passion in harm reduction has seen him be involved HRV for almost six years.  Farshid was previously the Coordinator of DanceWize, a program of HRV, after volunteering for the program for a number of years.

Danny Jeffcote  – danny.jeffcote@yahoo.com.au

Danny Jeffcote began working in Needle & Syringe Programs in 2002 and originally served on the VIVAIDS/HRV Board between 2004 and 2009. Currently employed at North Yarra Community Health as Team Leader of the Harm Reduction Team, Danny re-joined the HRV board in 2011 and has served as Chair since the beginning of 2012.

Penny Hillpenny@ssdp.org.au



HRVic have just had our Annual General Meeting. At our AGM 5 new board members were elected and welcomed and will be added to our website as soon as we have their contact details confirmed.

Until then please send all queries to the HRVic Executive Officer Jenny Kelsall at jennyk@hrvic.org.au.

Thank you.